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Tarbes-based aircraft manufacturer Daher (Socata) was established on the 10th October 1911 in Puteaux, France by Raymond Saulnier (1881-1964) and the Morane brothers Léon (1885-1918) and Robert (1886-1968) under the name Morane Saulnier and produced aircraft through WWI and WWII until the 1960's.

Socata Group AerospatialeIn 1963 Morane Saulnier was taken over by Potez, then following a reorganisation in 1965 became part of the French state-owned aircraft manufacturer Sud Aviation. In 1966 it was renamed Socata (short for The Society de Construction de Tourisme et d'Affaires).

Sud Aviation merged with Nord Aviation in 1970 to form the Aérospatiale company.

eads socata smallThirty-four years later in 2000 Socata became a wholly owned subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) until it sold a 70% stake to French aerostructure company Daher in 2008 and became Daher-Socata. In January 2014 EADS was reorganised and renamed Airbus Group and retains a 30% shareholding in Daher (Socata).

Daher-Socata logoIn 2011 Daher (Socata) became the first aircraft manufacturer in the world to celebrate 100 years of aircraft production.

DAHERFinally, in March 2015 Daher-Socata was rebranded "Daher" to complete the integration of the division under the parent company Daher.

Over the last century, the company has developed 95 models and produced more than 17,000 aircraft. It also participated in many aviation firsts - the world’s first air race, first Mediterranean air crossing, first machine-gun firing through the propeller system and the first sliding canopy.

Today Daher manufactures the highly successful TBM aircraft, the fastest commercially built single engine turbo-prop in the world. The latest model the TBM-930 was unveilled on 5th April 2016. The TBM 930 includes Garmin's G3000 Avionics suite and is produced alongside the TBM 900 with G1000 avionics.

Recent news from Daher saw the latest TBM-940 now available with the auto return and land technology called Home Safe. Then on September 21st 2020 Daher live streamed the rollout of the 1000th TBM aircraft. Another major milestone in the companies history.

Daher's TBM website can be found at www.tbm.aero.

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