Engineering Orders & Third Party Parts Suppliers

Below is a list of Third Party Spare Parts Suppliers and Known Engineering Orders Australian owners have obtained for TB aircraft.  Some of these may be useful for implementing locally made solutions rather than more expensive factory options.  If you would like further information or to be put in touch with the relevant party responsible for supplying an EO or Parts Suppliers details please contact us advising which EO or Parts Supplier you would like more information about.

Third Party Spare Parts Suppliers
  1. Australian windscreen/window and plastics supplier - TBA 
  2. Aircraft Mufflers and Welding - Aerospace Welding YMMB 
Engineering orders 
    1. Muffler (best place to get one is Aerospace Welding at Moorabbin (
    2. RH rudder pedal brake hoses.
    3. HF Aerial installation.
    4. Nokia Bluetooth handsfree kit.
    5. Muffler repair (Join between end cap and outer case cracked).
    6. Portable ELT installation (on roof between rear passengers).
    7. LH Seat lower support frame repair when cracked.
    8. Installation of landing lights in the starboard wing.
    9. Main landing gear mounting blocks.
    10. Additional valve in landing gear hydraulic circuit (this allows you to bypass the emergency extension valve if the seals leak so you can keep the gear “retracted” - because the free falls if the emergency gear valve or seals leak and you have no way of keeping the gear up. From an owner who did long overwater flights and the gear free falling posed serious range implications.)
    11. Replacement Windscreen.

Engineering Order / Parts Supplier Details Submission Form

If you have an EO or details of a Third Party Parts Supplier not mentioned above and would like to let other TBOPA members know in case they might benefit from it please use the form below to submit the details to us.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select either Engineering Order Info "OR" Spare Parts Supplier Info, then complete the rest of the form.


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