My Socata Instructions

My Socata
The Daher-Socata factory spare parts portal "My Socata" is located at

Australian TB aircraft owners and maintainers are able to request a login by registering via the link on the home page. There are two levels of access:

  • The first allows a user to look up parts and view stock levels and prices (usually in Euro's )
  • The second allows you to also order online.

When Registering be sure to specify in the comments section if you require online order access in addition to price/availability checking.


My Socata provides access for Australian owners, operators and maintainers to the following:

  • Spare parts stock levels
  • Spare parts prices (usually in Euro's )
  • Spare parts minimum order quantities
  • Repair and overhaul documents and manuals
  • Service bulletins and information letters
  • Aircraft warranty status
  • If request, access to order online

NOTE: TB part numbers look either like TB10 1234567890 or Z00.N1234567890, or sometimes just N1234567890. When entering part numbers into My Socata it's important to enter the numbers as TB1234567890 in the case of TB numbers (the TB is required but spaces removed), or 1234567890 in the case of N or Z00.N numbers (the N and or Z00.N are dropped). FWIW TB numbers are parts manufactured by Socata, N numbers are parts manufactured by third parties for Socata. Also, TB aircraft may have parts with another models prefix where the parts are common to both i.e a TB20 may have some parts with numbers TB10 1234567890 etc.

The order process is simple:

  • Register to access My Socata (usually you would request "order" capability at the same time)
  • Login, locate the parts you require, add these to your online order and submit it
  • The Daher customer service team will email you an invoice
  • Payment can be made by EFT; phoning credit card details through; or by requesting an email with a secure online payment link to pay for the parts by creditcard.
  • Goods are released for shipment (shipping is usually via UPS air freight).
  • Goods generally arrive within three or four days.

The order process is efficient and fast. As an example an order placed early afternoon Australian time will usually trigger an invoice back by email before the end of the same day. Provided payment details are provided that day (Australian time) the order will despatch the same day. Order on a Monday and have goods on the Thursday in most Australian capital cities etc.


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